Spare Change – Week Two Reflections



What We Loved

  • Wil Myers hitting for the cycle becoming only the 2nd Padre to ever do so. Nice to see the Padres giving their fans something to cheer for.
  • The Marlins players turning the late Jose Fernandez’s locker into a shrine  –
  • Jharel Cotton’s filthy change-up that even amazed the great Pedro Martinez – – But in all seriousness, let’s get another view of that filth –
  • The swing on Tulo’s 3yr old son, Taz, Can we say #parentinggoals? –
  • Yoenis Cespedes smashing three ding dangs in four AB’s
  • Bryce doing his best Enos Slaughter mad dash home to beat the Phillies in extras –
  • Chris Sale 1149 strikeouts through 150 career starts – most in MLB history
  • Ender Inciarte opening SunTrust Park with it’s 1st hit, out, run and HR .
  • Players playing catch with kids. Even Mike Trout is getting in on the fad.
  • Speaking of Mike Trout, the great Trout will pass Joe Mauer, David Wright and likely Justin Verlander for career WAR before May 1st of this year. To put it into further perspective, Trout has already passed Jim Rice and will soon pass Kirby Puckett (both of whom are Hall of Fame outfielders). Mike Trout is 25 years old.
  • Zack Britton’s consecutive save streak. The Orioles closer passed Jeurys Famila for 3rd and is now tied with Tom Gordon with 54 saves.
  • In other Orioles news, Trey Mancini has had quite the start to his MLB career- 7 HR in 12 games.
  • For the first time in MLB history, their was an outfield entirely comprised of players with the last name Garcia –
  • Rod Carew receiving a new heart and kidney. The Hall of Famer received the organs from former NFL TE, Konrad Reuland, who passed away at the age of 28 back in December. For further reading check out this link from –
  • Aaron Judge’s light tower power. Judge, who looks like a create a player or Vince McMahon’s dream, already has three HR and eight RBI on the young season.
  • The Mariners unveiling a statue of the Kid. Arguably every kid in the 90’s favourite player growing up, the Mariners honoured their franchise icon by imortalizing him outside of Safeco Field –
  • The Dodgers unveiling a statue of Jackie Robinson. But seriously, how was there not one already there? –
  • Plans for a Jose Fernandez statue. I know that this is a controversial decision because of the circumstances surrounding his death but it isn’t up to the court of pubic justice and outrage to determine if this should take place, it’s up to the Marlins franchise who lost one of their own and have every right to honour him. What happened was tragic all around. It was also very much avoidable and perhaps the Marlins could use this as a chance to acknowledge the very dumb and selfish decision(s) that Fernandez made as well.
  • Any and all of Vin Scully’s stories. Scully was on hand at Dodger Stadium on Jackie Robinson day and spun this yarn about him and Jackie skating –
  • The absolute arrogance of this bat flip in Japan –
  • The tribute to Tim Raines during the Blue Jays Home Opener. Not only was it classy because it honoured the recent Hall of Fame inductee but it (further) proved that the Blue Jays are Canada’s team, especially when they honour a great player from another team. Hell, not even the Nationals, who were once the Expos, have given any love to the man they call “Rock.”
  • The sweet sounds of Dan Shulman in the broadcasting booth. Nothing against Buck and Pat but Shulman’s voice adds 5% more to each game he covers.
  • The early returns on Kendrys Morales. Sure he’s not Edwin Encarnacion and sure he’s not exactly setting the world on fire, but who the hell cares? All Morales has done so far is create the only two (positive) highlights for the Jays during this dismal start. Last week it was a grand slam for his first HR in a Jays uniform. On Saturday he hit a walk off homer in the 9th inning to give the Blue Jays their 2nd win on the season


What Caused Us to Cringe

  • Robbie Alomar’s painted on skinny jeans. I mean come on Robbie, we can see your McCain’s frozen punch through them.
  • The three man booth of Buck, Pat and Dan Shulman. It’s nothing against the talent itself, it just comes across as being forced. I feel bad for Tabby in this scenerio because he really seems like the odd man out. I kind of picture him raising his hand like a child in class when he wants to add something to the conversation.
  • Edubray Ramos head hunting Asdrubal Cabrera. Last September, Cabrera hit an important homer off of the Phillies reliever. Fast forward to last week when Ramos decided to get even by whizzing a 94mph fastball over the head of the Mets player.
  • Buster Posey getting drilled in the head by a 94 mph fastball.
  • Gary Sanchez’s biceps strain – keeps young star out for next 4 weeks.
  • Jon Gray’s fractured foot keeping him out for the next month.
  • Sam Dyson closing games – blows 3rd straight save. Although as a Blue Jays fan I can’t help but smile a little bit.
  • Dale Scott being stretchered off the field. The home plate ump was forced to leave Friday’s contest after taking a foul tip off of the mask. Thankfully, it was only a minor concussion and he should be back soon.
  • Donno’s calf… again. This time it’s a trip to the DL. The kicker being that it could be 10 days or a month, that’s according to Blue Jays president, Mark Shapiro
  • The dismal Blue Jays offense. As if it were possible, these guys actually look worse than the guys who got carved up by the Indians in the 2016 ALCS
  • Aaron Sanchez’s pitching hand. A blister on the righty’s hand will keep him out for the next 1 to 2 starts.
  • JA Happ’s forearm strain. Hopefully this won’t lead to them cueing up Dr. James Andrews’ music. Although part of me believes that this is karma for all the “classy” Blue Jays fans cheering when David Price went down with an elbow injury in Spring Training.


Happ injury.jpg


The Blue Jays Early Season Misery –  Where Do They Go From Here?

Sure we’re only twelve games in but at 2-10 how long can we keep making the “it’s still early” argument? It’s not like these have been “good” losses either as the Blue Jays sputtering offense looks completely lost at the dish. Furthermore, the injury bug, something that wasn’t a huge factor last year, has already started to rear it’s ugly head and we’re not even out of April.

This past week alone the Blue Jays have lost the trio of Josh Donaldson, Aaron Sanchez, and JA Happ, and let’s be honest here, we know the durability issues that this team has, how long until something else goes wrong? We’ve already seen the likes of Dominic Leone, Casey Lawrence, and now Chris Coghlan. Who is next? Mat Latos? TJ House? Brian Bolsinger? I mean it feels like this team is a Mike McCoy sighting away from flying the white flag.

So where do they go from here? What are the options? The way I see it, it’s one of two possible outcomes:

The Wait It Out Approach or the (eventual) Rebuild Route

Waiting it out is what is most likely to happen. This is a veteran team that (apparently) knows what it is capable of and knows how to turn it around; they’ve even gotten a vote of confidence from their President. For all you Gibby haters out there you can stop calling for his head now, he isn’t going anywhere, especially not after being just handed a new contract not even a month ago, and if they Shatkins regime won’t release Smoak after giving him an extension than they’re not getting rid of Gibby either. I would also bet that his two trips to the ALCS also get him a stay of execution for at least this year.

What you have to assume is that Hitting Coach, Brooks Jacoby, will be the first up to the chopping block. Despite being the hitting coach for the big bad Blue Jays bats of 2015, the lineups inability to change their approach at the plate could very well see Jacoby in the hunt for a new gig sooner rather than later.

But let’s say that this atrocious start carries on and turns into a disastrous season, would a potential “fire sale” take place? Despite making a statement about “trusting the players track record(s),” you have to think that Shapiro and Atkins are at least thinking about the possibility of selling some players off and building for the future.

It’s no secret that they want to rebuild the farm and put their stamp on the roster, not to mention get younger on the field. All three of these could factor into the decision to become a seller as the trade deadline nears. The brain trust could take a look at what the Yankees did last year – sell off valuable pieces for top prospects and remain competitive with prospects already in place- and hope to replicate it.

Now despite having some big names on the roster, the Blue Jays might find it hard to get the same return as the Yankees got last year mainly because the players they’ll be looking to offload are older and tied to long and expensive contracts. That doesn’t mean that they still won’t try to move them, even for a lesser return. As fans, let’s hope that this stays more hypothetical than a reality.


– $


Spare Change – Week One Reflections and More

opening day



What We Loved

  • Maddy Bumgarner’s Opening Day performance – 11k 2 HR
  • Kyle Schwarber in the leadoff position. The big LF is making Joe Maddon look like an even bigger genius with his torrid start out of the one hole.
  • Stephen Piscotty’s perilous trip around the bases. The Cardinals RF got hit by the ball 3x during the same journey. At least he was rewarded with a spot on Kimmel.
  • The absurd power throughout the Orioles lineup – Is JJ Hardy the weak spot? He did hit 30 in 2011
  • Unintentional comedy of the picture of 6’7 Aaron Judge and 5’8 Ronald Torryes
  • Bryce Harper on opening day… 5th HR in as many Opening Day’s
  • Not to be outdone, Mike Trout hit his 3rd HR on Opening Day
  • Albert Almora Jr. in CF – –
  • Greg Holland closing out games. Former All Star has looked good upon his return from Tommy John.
  • Manny Machado’s glove work. Not only (arguably) the best 3B in the AL but also might be the best in the entire business.
  • The ludicrous power of Joey Gallo. The Rangers 1B caused a glitch in stat cast.
  • Fans turning Cueto into a horse via photoshop –
  • The entire toolkit of Francisco Lindor. Add a late game grand slam to take the lead to his already impressive resume.
  • Eric Thames going yard in the show for the first time since 2012.
  • Jameson Taillon and Chris Sale lock horns at Fenway.
  • Bartolo’s return to Citi. Serious goosebumps –
  • Josh Donaldson’s Barry Bonds earring. The Dangly cross just drips with swag from the late 80s and early 90s.
  • Manny Margot’s MLB debut. Padres top prospect hit back to back ding dongs in his first two MLB AB’s.
  • Yadier Molina’s chest protector. No way there isn’t something sprayed on that thing.
  • Jumbo Diaz jogging in from the pen. I’ll eat my hat if he is actually the 278 lbs that he is listed at.
  • Andrelton Simmons ridiculous tag –
  • The D-Backs red hot start. Last year’s bigger disappointments are already looking better than they did in 2016.

What Caused Us to Cringe

  • Masahiro Tanaka on opening day. The Yankees ace gave up a career high 7 earned in just 2.2 innings.
  • Tanaka’s UCL. The 28 year old is still pitching with a partially torn UCL which could possibly snap at any moment.
  • Waino pulling a 50 Cent but does it to allegedly protect Yadi. The Cardinals righty told reporters that he uncorked the egregiously wild pitch because he noticed that his catcher was set up for a curveball instead of the fastball that Wainwright was throwing. Commendable and all, but still ugly as hell.
  • Brett Cecil’s introduction to Cardinals fans. The former Blue Jay serves up a moonshot to Kyle Schwarber to give the Cubs the lead and the eventual game.
  • They aren’t who we thought they were. The Royals bullpen getting shelled for 12 runs through 2 games
  • Clayton Kershaw making more than the entire Padres roster. How is AJ Preller still employed?
  • Pretty much everything that the Blue Jays have done so far.
  • Jason Grilli at Camden Yards – The Grilled Cheese blows his 2nd consecutive save on the Orioles turf.
  • Josh Donaldson’s calves – why do I get the feeling that this could be a theme all season long?
  • Casey Lawrence’s introduction to Blue Jays fan (for further reading see below).
  • Walking in the winning run with the bases loaded and 2 outs. Seriously though, why not throw it right down the cock instead of trying to finesse it in there?


The (New) Golden Age of Shortstops 

As baseball fans, we are currently being treated to the best crop of talented, young SS since Jeter, ARod, Alex S Gonzalez, Edgar Renteria and Rey Ordonez were posing shirtless on the cover of Sports Illustrated.


What makes that cover even more ridiculous is that future All Star and AL MVP Miguel Tejada wasn’t even invited; neither was Boston folk hero NOMAH! At the time of posting this, the likes of Carlos Correa, Francisco Lindor, Xander Bogaerts, Addy Russell, Dansby Swanson, Trevor Story, Tim Anderson, Trea Turner, Aldames Diaz, Corey Seager, Ketel Marte and Orlando Arcia are all 25 or younger. And that’s not even including the top SS prospects that are still in the minors like Gleybar Torres, Ahmed Rosario, Brendan Rogers, JP Crawford, Nick Gordon, Willy Adames, Kevin Maitan, Franklin Barretto, Jorge Mateo or Kevin Newman. This list also does not include Manny Machado who just turned himself into (arguably) the best 3B in the game. Nor does it include other SS who have changed positions to accommodate their teams needs a la Alex Bregman.

Besides the abundance of young and upcoming SS, we are also still witnessing the play of exceptional talent from those who are 30 and under such as Elvis Andrus, Jean Segura, Brandon Crawford, Jose Iglesias and Andrelton Simmons; Simmons alone being a treat himself and might just be the best defensive SS to ever play the game. I say that with full respect, love and admiration for the Wizard of Oz (Ozzie Smith). Furthermore, Troy Tulowitzki, who has just been the best SS for the past decade, is entering the latter half of his SS career, and although his bat doesn’t seem to be what it used to be, his glove alone is worth the price of admission.

Not only are we experiencing an increase in talent alone, but also one in the power department. In that shirtless shortstop year of 1997, only three shortstops hit 20 or more homers (Nomar, Arod, and Jay Bell), whereas last year ELEVEN different shortstops (not counting Machado) hit 20 or more, including Didi Gregorious and Freddy Galvis! Enjoy it while it lasts. It’s not everyday that you are treated to a renaissance like this.


Games Without G-Ma

I honestly thought that losing Eddy to the Indians would be the biggest loss that I suffered this off season. Little did I know that it would barely be a dent in comparison to losing my grandmother. My grandmother was, and still is, the biggest Blue Jays fan that I have ever known. And I am not saying that because she listened or watched each and every game. I am saying that because like myself, she lived and breathed everything Blue Jays. Even the teams that I could barely talk myself into (I’m looking at you Ty Taubenheim, Terry Adams, and Doug Creek) she would tune in as if it was the hey days of the 80’s or early 90’s. She knew all of the players, coaches, trainers and prospects. She loved the scrappy underdogs like Johnny Mac and Craig Grebeck, and hated showboats or selfish players. Not a phone call between us went by without at least a five minute breakdown of the weeks past games, impromptu scouting reports or prospect profiles. I can’t tell you how many times I tried to talk her into such and such prospect or insert recent addition only to have her rebuff me with a “Ill believe it when I see it” attitude.

Like her favourite coach (Cito Gaston) she was overly protective of her veteran players and would fight with me tooth and nail if I tried to side with any kind of youth movement; especially when it came to her favourite, Jose Bautista. Of all the players whom she claimed as “favourites” over the years (Stieb, Key, Borders, Gruber, Carter, Molitor Delgado, Wells, Halladay), I am certain that Joey Bats was her favourite; she was even cremated with his shersey.

Although she passed away after Christmas, I am starting to feel her loss more now than I did then and that’s because it was during the baseball season that we bonded the most. I can’t tell you how much I wish I had just one more conversation with her about the Blue Jays; even if it was just over the phone for five minutes like we used to. Despite my heart feeling like a million pounds from sadness, I take solace in two things:

  1. Knowing that she got to watch the Blue Jays make the playoffs not only once more, but twice.
  2. Remembering her calling our house after midnight in 1992 when they won their first World Series. I can still remember hearing her gravely voice choking back tears of joy and excitement because her boys had finally done it.

It’s moments like that that will never die and are what will get me through this difficult season ahead. Rest in peace G-Ma, I know you’re up there somewhere cursing this 1-5 start like the rest of us. Hope you enjoy the Home Opener tonight.


– $

Spare Change – Opening Day Hot Takes

Happy Opening Day!! Hard to believe that for the first time since 1909, the Cubs begin the season as the reigning World Series Champs. Will they be able to repeat or will they suffer from the dreaded World Series hangover? We’ll find out after 162 glorious games and Playoffs. Until then, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride that is the Major League Baseball season.


The Little Things to Look Forward to in 2017

  • Clayton Kershaw’s curve
  • Maddy Bumgarner’s intensity
  • Marco Estrada’s change up
  • Noah Syndergaard’s fastball slider combo
  • Kevin Gausman’s splitter
  • Stephen Wright’s knuckler
  • Everything Yu Darvish’s throws
  • Yadier Molina’s game calling
  • Kris Bryant’s smile
  • Kevin Kiermaier’s eyes and glove
  • Manny Machado’s resemblance to Ariana Grande
  • Yoenis Cespedes’ arm
  • Andrelton Simmons’ glove
  • Everything and anything related to Mike Trout (
  • Maddy Bumgarner and Jake Arrieta at the dish
  • A full year of Dansby Swanson, Andrew Benitendi and Hunter Renfroe
  • Anthony Rizzo navigating the walls in foul territory
  • The unintentional comedy that is the double play duo of Carlos Correa and Jose Altuve
  • Dylan Bundy becoming what we thought he’d be – *In Dennis Green voice*
  • Bartolo still doing his thing (in the NL no less – moar #bartolobombs)
  • Donno barehanding slow rollers up the line
  • Everything Adrian Beltre
  • Bonus coverage of West coast games
  • Miguel Cabrera’s oppo hits
  • Buck Martinez wheeze-laughing at his own jokes
  • Pictures of Jake Arrieta in a onesie
  • The fact that Ichiro is still playing
  • The Mets rotation
  • Increasing in-game broadcast use of StatsCast powered by Amazon
  • Jackie Robinson Day
  • Pink bats and accessories for Mother’s day
  • Blue bats and accessories for Father’s day

Things That Will Surely Test My Patience in 2017

  • Justin Smoak vs. A breaking pitch
  • Kevin Pillar v. Plate discipline
  • John Gibbons v. a challenge
  • Hearing about Scott Boras now that he represents Sanchez
  • Another fully year of Mike Wilner and his smarmy demeanor
  • Edwin walking the parrot at Progressive Field
  • The moniker “Believeland” *wretches*
  • Cubs fans turning from lovable losers into pretentious pricks a la Red Sox fans post 2004
  • Buck Showalter standing on the steps of the dugout and dragging out a (potential) challenge
  • Having to hear about how great the Baby Bombers are, and how rejuvenated the Yanks farm system is
  • Ditto goes for the Red Sox
  • Televised games from the Trop
  • Another year of Longo rotting in Tampa
  • Baseball in Tampa but not in Montreal
  • Rougned Odor’s face
  • The annual sewer backup at the Oakland Co.
  • No More Papi
  • No Jose or Yordano
  • No more soothing voice of Vin Scully


Seventh Inning Stretch – Top 7 Players at Each Position

Top 7 Catcher

Texas Rangers v Baltimore Orioles

American League

  1. Jonathan Lucroy
  2. Gary Sanchez
  3. Sal Perez
  4. Wellington Castillo
  5. Stephen Vogt
  6. Wilson Ramos
  7. Russell Martin



National League

  1. Buster Posey
  2. Yasmani Grandal
  3. Wilson Contreras
  4. Matt Wieters
  5. J.T Realmuto
  6. Yadier Molina
  7. Francisco Cervelli


Top 7 First Basemen


Minnesota Twins v Detroit Tigers


American League

  1. Miguel Cabrera
  2. Edwin Encarnacion
  3. Chris Davis
  4. Eric Hosmer
  5. Hanley Ramirez
  6. Jose Abreu
  7. Albert Pujols


Paul Goldschmidt


National League

  1. Paul Goldschmidt
  2. Anthony Rizzo
  3. Joey Votto
  4. Freddie Freeman
  5. Brandon Belt
  6. Matt Carpenter
  7. Adrian Gonzalez


Top 7 Second Basemen




American League

  1. Robinson Cano
  2. Jason Kipnis
  3. Brian Dozier
  4. Ian Kinsler
  5. Dustin Pedroia
  6. Jonathan Schoop
  7. Devon Travis


javier baez


National League

  1. Javier Baez
  2. Daniel Murphy
  3. DJ LeMehieu
  4. Dee Gordon
  5. Logan Forsythe
  6. Jose Peraza
  7. Joe Panik


Top 7 Third Basemen


MLB: MAR 14 Spring Training - Phillies at Orioles


American League

  1. Manny Machado
  2. Josh Donaldson
  3. Evan Longoria
  4. Adrian Beltre
  5. Miguel Sano
  6. Todd Frazier
  7. Kyle Seager




National League

  1. Nolan Arenado
  2. Kris Bryant
  3. Justin Turner
  4. Anthony Rendon
  5. Jake Lamb
  6. Maikel Franco
  7. Eduardo Nunez


Top 7 Shortstops




American League

  1. Xander Bogaerts
  2. Francisco Lindor
  3. Troy Tulowitzki
  4. Didi Gregorious
  5. Andrelton Simmons
  6. Jean Segura
  7. Tim Anderson




National League

  1. Corey Seager
  2. Trea Turner
  3. Addison Russell
  4. Brandon Crawford
  5. Dansby Swanson
  6. Aldames Diaz
  7. Jonathan Villar


Top 7 Left Fielders





American League

  1. Michael Brantley
  2. Khris Davis
  3. Justin Upton
  4. Nomar Mazara
  5. Brett Gardner
  6. Alex Gordon
  7. Andrew Benitendi




National League

  1. Yoenis Cespedes
  2. Gregory Polanco
  3. Kyle Schwarber
  4. Ryan Braun
  5. Marcell Ozuna
  6. David Dahl
  7. David Peralta



Top 7 Center Fielders




American League

  1. Mike Trout
  2. George Springer
  3. Jackie Bradley JR.
  4. Kevin Kiermier
  5. Adam Jones
  6. Lorenzo Cain
  7. Jacoby Ellsbury




National League

  1. Starling Marte
  2. Christian Yelich
  3. Dexter Fowler
  4. AJ Pollock
  5. Joc Pederson
  6. Adam Eaton
  7. Odubal Herrera



Top 7 Right Fielders


MLB: Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees


American League

  1. Mookie Betts
  2. Nelson Cruz
  3. JD Martinez
  4. Jose Bautista
  5. Kole Calhoun
  6. Josh Reddick
  7. Shin Soo Choo


Bryce Harper


National League

  1. Bryce Harper
  2. Giancarlo Stanton
  3. Andrew McCutcheon
  4. Carlos Gonzalez
  5. Stephen Piscotty
  6. Jason Heyward
  7. Hunter Pence


Top 7 Right-Handed Pitchers




American League

  1. Corey Kluber
  2. Carlos Carrasco
  3. Yu Darvish
  4. Felix Hernandez
  5. Rick Porcello
  6. Aaron Sanchez
  7. Justin Verlander


MLB: Detroit Tigers at Washington Nationals


National League

  1. Max Scherzer
  2. Noah Syndergaard
  3. Johnny Cueto
  4. Stephen Strasburg
  5. Jacob deGrom
  6. Carlos Martinez
  7. Gerrit Cole



Top 7 Left-Handed Pitchers




American League

  1. Chris Sale
  2. Jose Quintana
  3. David Price
  4. JA Happ
  5. Danny Duffy
  6. Drew Smyly
  7. Sean Manaea




National League

  1. Clayton Kershaw
  2. Madison Bumgarner
  3. Jon Lester
  4. Robbie Ray
  5. Julio Urias
  6. Stephen Matz
  7. Rich Hill


Top 7 Closing Pitchers




American League

  1. Zach Britton
  2. Andrew Miller
  3. Craig Kimbel
  4. Aroldis Chapman
  5. Roberto Osuna
  6. Sean Doolittle
  7. David Robertson




National League

  1. Kenley Jansen
  2. Wade Davis
  3. Mark Melancon
  4. Seung-hwan Oh
  5. Jeurys Familla
  6. Fernando Rodney
  7. Tony Watson




The Kris Bryant All-Stars: The All Man Pretty Team or The All Good Face Team

  • C: Buster Posey • San Francisco Giants
  • 1B: Chris Davis • Baltimore Orioles
  • 2B: Javier Baez • Chicago Cubs
  • 3B: Kris Bryant • Chicago Cubs
  • SS: Dansby Swanson • Atlanta Braves
  • OF: Kevin Kiermaier • Tampa Bay Rays
  • OF: Mike Trout • Anaheim Angels
  • OF: Giancarlo Stanton • Miami Marlins
  • RHP: Jake Arrieta • Chicago Cubs
  • LHP: Cole Hamels • Texas Rangers
  • CP: David Robertson • Chicago White Sox


– $


2017 MLB Season Predictions and Storylines 


Final Standing Predictions

American League East

  1. Boston Red Sox
  2. Toronto Blue Jays
  3. Baltimore Orioles
  4. New York Yankees
  5. Tampa Bay Rays

American League Central

  1. Cleveland Indians
  2. Kansas City Royals
  3. Detroit Tigers
  4. Minnesota Twins
  5. Chicago White Sox

American League West

  1. Houston Astros
  2. Seattle Mariners
  3. Texas Rangers
  4. Oakland Athletics
  5. Los Angeles Angels


National League 

National League East 

  1. Washington Nationals
  2. New York Mets
  3. Atlanta Braves
  4. Miami Marlins
  5. Philadelphia Phillies

National League Central

  1. Chicago Cubs
  2. Pittsburgh Pirates
  3. St Louis Cardinals
  4. Milwaukee Brewers
  5. Cincinnati Reds

National League West

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers
  2. San Francisco Giants
  3. Arizona Diamondbacks
  4. Colorado Rockies
  5. San Diego Padres


MLB Award Predictions


MLB: Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees


American League MVP:

  1. Mookie Betts • OF • Boston Red Sox
  2. Manny Machado • 3B • Baltimore Orioles
  3. Mike Trout • OF • Los Angeles Angels




National League MVP:

  1. Nolan Arenado • 3B • Colorado Rockies
  2. Bryce Harper • OF • Washington Nationals
  3. Kris Bryant • 3B • Chicago Cubs




American League Cy Young:

  1. Carlos Carrasco • RHP • Cleveland Indians
  2. Chris Sale • LHP • Boston Red Sox
  3. Corey Kluber • RHP • Cleveland Indians


MLB: Detroit Tigers at Washington Nationals


National League Cy Young:

  1. Max Scherzer • RHP • Washington Nationals
  2. Clayton Kershaw • LHP • Los Angeles Dodgers
  3. Jake Arrieta • RHP • Chicago Cubs




American League Rookie of the Year:

  1. Andrew Benitendi • OF • Boston Red Sox
  2. Yoan Moncada • 2B • Chicago White Sox
  3. Jharel Cotton • P • Oakland Athletics


dansby swanson


National League Rookie of the Year:

  1. Dansby Swanson • SS • Atlanta Braves
  2. Hunter Renfroe • OF • San Diego Padres
  3. Jose Peraza • 2B • Cincinnati Reds

AL Comeback Player of the Year:

  1. Pablo Sandoval • 3B • Boston Red Sox

NL Comeback Player of the Year:

  1. Greg Holland • P • Colorado Rockies


Storylines to Follow Throughout the Season





No More Vin. This will be the first year since 1950 (67 seasons) that you won’t be able to hear the “voice of baseball.” The Dodgers will now be called by the voice of Joe Davis, who will have some help along the way from the likes of Orel Hershiser and Nomar Garciaparra. The loss of Scully’s iconic voice and one man booth is unparalleled. It’s like a little bit of the game itself retired. Imagine if hot dogs were no longer sold at stadiums or if they stopped piping “Take me out to the Ballgame” during the 7th inning stretch. One of the last living ties to the golden age of baseball, besides his voice and canter, it’s his knowledge that will be missed most.




New Rule Changes for 2017. New to the rules this season will be the “No pitch” intentional walk. Managers will now signal the umpire that they want to issue a walk and the player will simply take his base. There will also be new guidelines for reviewing a play. Managers now have 30 seconds to decide whether or not to challenge and the umpires have a two minute limit on reviewing before issuing their decision. Personally, I believe that eliminating the ability to call someone from the dugout phone and have them decide whether or not to challenge, would be a better change but I guess this is a step in the right direction. In addition to those two rules, there will no longer be allowed the use of marking instruments or marking of fields themselves for defensive positioning (think the Dodgers and their laser pointers last season). And lastly, there will be an expansion of the balk rule(s). Pitchers can no longer take a second step toward home with either foot or otherwise reset their pivot foot in their delivery. This could cause Padres reliever, Carter Capps, a lot of headaches and balks. In all honesty, all of these changes seem pretty petty to me. Why not do something of substance like eliminating the ability to dress and field upwards of 40 players during the pennant race in September? Or how about how many times an inning/AB a catcher or player can visit the pitcher? Wouldn’t that speed up the proverbial “pace of play” a lot more than having a manager signal to the ump that they’re going to issue an intentional walk?




Start of a Dynasty at Wrigley? Their young core is signed or controllable through 2020. Their ownership has deep enough pockets to retain not only their own upcoming free agents (Arrieta and Rizzo) but also has the financial flexibility to go after other teams top free agents; although the current Jason Heyward experiment might curtail that. If the Cubs do opt to go the trade route in order to add a piece or two, their farm system is cast enough to allow them to target high profile trade candidates; rental or otherwise. What I am trying to say is that they can easily do what they want.


MLB: Kansas City Royals at Detroit Tigers


End of a Dynasty at Kauffman? World Series losers in 2014 and winners in 2015 but is the end of the Royal dynasty in sight? With OF Lorenzo Cain, 1B Eric Hosmer and 3B Mike Moustakas set to be free agents at seasons end there is a (very) good chance that all three of them have new teams in 2018. What could further signal the end of the Royals is that in the quest of their World Series title, they unloaded a fair amount of their farm system. The depleted minors means that their are few clear cut candidates able to step into the everyday lineup.


baby bombers.jpg


Full Year of the Baby Bombers in the Bronx. The first wave made their mark in 2016 with the arrival of C Gary Sanchez, OF Aaron Judge and 1B/OF Tyler Austin. 2017 could see those names joined by the likes of newly acquired top prospects, OF Clint Frazier and SS Gleyber Torres. If the Yanks can get any semblance of a decent rotation, this could be (one of) the surprise teams of 2017. At the same time, there is no sense of urgency or rush for the Yanks to compete; well besides their rabid fan base and media outlets. It is completely plausible for the Yankees to be sellers at the deadline again and further improve their DEEP DEEP farm system.




Rise of the Rebuilds. Rapid rebuilds in Chicago and Atlanta could see them contending for a playoff spot sooner rather than later. The Braves have taken a few years to retool their roster with the mindset of being ready to compete once they move into their new home. Well that’s this season and they’re not far off. In fact, I believe that given a few breaks and perhaps a move or two, they could make some noise this season. The White Sox on the other hand are new to the rebuild game but have made a few moves that could impact their roster as soon as this year. By acquiring 2B Yoan Moncada and P Lucas Giolito in separate trades, the White Six added two pieces that could feasibly start the year in Chicago. They could be joined by the likes of Michael Kopech and Reynaldo Lopez by next year.




Coming Soon to a Rebuild Near You. With the trade of Brandon Phillips are the Reds signaling that they are open for business? Was Brandon Phillips merely the first domino to fall? Even with his hefty contract, will the Reds try and trade Votto? What about the other veterans like Homer Bailey, Zack Cosart and Devin Mesoroco? You can bet that any team looking to improve their roster throughout the season will be placing a call to Cincinnati first. One place that could be an intriguing seller if they opt to go the rebuild route will be Detroit. With the death of owner Mike Ilitch the Tigers front office might (finally) have the green light to start offloading their veterans. You can bet that any first half struggles will be followed by the firing of Brad Ausmus and the FOR SALE sign being put on the front of Comerica Park.




Moves For the Mariners. To date, GM Jerry Dipoto has made more trades than any other GM. His 16 trades since the end of the 2016 season has completely revamped the Mariners roster but will it be enough to fend off the Rangers and Astros, and get the Mariners back in the playoffs? Mariners have the talent on the roster to have an extremely high performance ceiling. However, that same roster also has an incredibly low performance floor too. The Mariners will need consistent production from their core of veterans (Cano, Nelly Cruz, Seager and the King), as well as a breakout or two in order to get back to October baseball. And that’s not even mentioning their rotation which, on paper, could be among the best in the bigs. That being said, it is also an injury or dismal performance away from being among the worst in MLB.




Who Has the Best Rotation in the Majors? Take your pick. Is it the Mets (Harvey, deGrom, Syndergaard, Wheeler and Matz)? Giants (Bumgarner, Cueto, Samardzjia, Cain and Moore)? Nationals (Scherzer, Strasburg, Gonzalez, Ross, Roark)? Red Sox (Price, Sale, Porcello, Rodriguez and Pomeranz)? Indians (Kluber, Carrasco, Salazar, Bauer and Tomlin? Blue Jays (Sanchez, Happ, Estrada, Stroman and Liriano)?




Heavy Hearts in Miami and K.C. The loss of both Jose Fernandez last September and Yordano Ventura in the offseason have their respective teams playing in their honour for the 2017 season. How those teams respond is anybody’s guess. It could give them extra motivation in an emotional form or it could have the complete opposite effect. One thing that is for sure is that both losses will definitely be felt on the field. How each team manages to deal with that aspect could be the difference between possible postseason baseball or being out of it by the trade deadline.


Bold Predictions

Note: These are a combination of outlandish predictions from myself and frequent contributor and longtime friend, GP.

  • Jose Bautista wins the AL Home Run Title. Thanks the chip on his shoulder during his acceptance speech.
  • White Sox trade Jose Quintana at the deadline to the Astros.
  • Not finished, the White Sox find a taker for David Robertson, and his replacement, Nate Jones, emerges as one of the top closers in the AL by season’s end.
  • One of the surprise teams within reach of a playoff spot (Kansas City, New York Yankees, Oakland, Seattle, Atlanta, Colorado) will land the big fish available at the trade deadline (Sonny Gray, Chris Archer, etc…).
  • Nomar Mazara leads the Rangers offense with 35+ homers and 100+ RBI.
  • Kevin Kiermaier develops some pop, hitting 25 homers, stealing 25 bags, and becoming a first time All Star, but gets beaten out in GG balloting by Kevin Pillar.
  • Miguel Sano hits 40 homers for the Twins, but it’s not enough to keep Paul Molitor from being the first AL Manager fired.
  • Led by one of the American League’s best pitching staffs and a powerful offense, the Mariners end their playoff hiatus, sneaking in as a wildcard entry.
  • Another brilliant season from Mike Trout is not enough to keep the Angels out of the AL West basement, resulting in Mike Scioscia’s lengthy tenure drawing to a close in Anaheim
  • Trea Turner. NL All Star and MLB Stolen Base Champ
  • Rockies trade Carlos Gonzalez to the Cardinals at the deadline.
  • Despite Rockies missing the playoffs, Nolan Arenado wins the first NL MVP of his career. He also adds his 5th Gold Glove in as many years.
  • New arrival, Clay Buchholz, is a surprise top 5 finisher in the NL ERA title chase
  • The Pirates send two outfielders to the All Star Game, neither of whom is Cutch.
  • DJ Lemahieu repeats as NL batting champ, wins another GG, and finally begins to get national media attention/love.

and perhaps the boldest one…

  • Jedd Gyorko comes out of nowhere to lead the NL in home runs (hit 30 last year in 438 PAs, or 1 HR/14 every 6 PA vs NL leader Arenado 1 HR/17 PA)


– $


2017 Season Preview – National League West



Arizona Diamondbacks

2016 Record: 69-93 • 4th NL West

O/U on Wins: 78.5 • Over

Moving In: P Taijuan Walker • P Fernando Rodney • SS Ketel Marte • C Jeff Mathis • C Chris Iannetta

Moving Out: SS Jean Segura • C Wellington Castillo • P Daniel Hudson • P Rubby de la Rosa • C Tuffy Gosewich • OF Rickie Weekes

Key Player(s) in 2017: Pitchers Zack Greinke and Shelby Miller. Both Greinke and Miller were brought into the fold for the 2016 season with one goal in mind: postseason baseball. That did not pan out though. Greinke, who was signed to a 6yr/$205.5mil contract in the 2015 offseason, saw his ERA balloon from an unrealistic 1.66 in 2015 to a 4.37 last year. Although he did win 13 games in his Arizona debut, he also saw both his BB/9 and H/9 increase too. To make matters worse, Greinke was also sidelined with an oblique injury for six weeks. Another thing to watch for this season will be Greinke’s fastball velocity which has apparently been down so far in Spring Training. If Greinke is 100% or close to and hasn’t seen a Jered Weaver-esque drop in velocity, a return to his dominant self should be a very realistic scenario.

Even with Greinke’s struggles, the Diamondbacks have to be pleased with his results in comparison to their other big offseason acquisition, Shelby Miller. Miller was atrocious in his first season in the desert. In 20 starts the right-hander went 3-12/6.15/1.67/70/-0.7 WAR in 101 innings pitched; hitting a low point with a demotion to AAA. Besides the awful stats and poor play, the proverbial salt in the wounds is that the Diamondbacks traded SS Dansby Swanson, OF Ender Inciarte and P Aaron Blair (a top pitching prospect) to Atlanta to acquire Miller. Both Swanson and Inciarte look like building blocks for the new look Braves while Miller looks like he took a step back in his progression. If the Diamondbacks have any thoughts or ambitions of catching the Giants, let alone the Dodgers, they will need significant bounce back campaigns from these two.

Potential Breakout: P Archie Bradley. The former top prospect got called up to the show in May and never looked back. Although he struggled for the first half after his call-up, Bradley turned it around in the second half and had a strong finish. In 26 starts, Bradley went 8-9/5.02/1.56/143 in 141 innings pitched. With the Diamondbacks bringing in Taijuan Walker via trade and former first round pick, Braeden Shipley, waiting in the wings, there is no guarantee that Bradley will start the season in the rotation or even in the majors. Besides the two names mentioned above, Bradley will also need to compete against veterans Patrick Corbin and Shelby Miller, who will get all the chances available to stick in the rotation after poor 2016’s; not to mention the likes of top prospect, Anthony Banda too. Bradley definitely has the stuff to pitch at the MLB level but he will need to have better control of said stuff in order to succeed at it. A strong showing in Spring Training could give him a shot at making the rotation out of camp, but he will need to cut down on both his H/9 (9.8) and BB/9 (4.3) in order to do so.

Top Prospect: P Anthony Banda• Age: 23 • MLB ETA: 2017

First Round Draft Miss: P Barret Loux (6th) over Matt Harvey (7th) in 2010

Fantasy Stud: Paul Goldschmidt • 2016 Stats: .297/.899/24/95/4.8 WAR in 579 AB

Money’s Man Crush: Paul Goldschmidt. 6’3, 222 lbs, perennial All Star, Silver Slugger and Gold Glove recipient, the ability to launch moonshots, oh ya, and he can swipe bases. Goldy could legitimately be a 30/30 guy as he is more than capable of hitting over 30 ding dangs a season, and he nabbed 32 bags last season. For his career, Goldy now has 99 stolen bases in 779 games and has only been caught 23 times.

2017 Prediction: •3rd NL West




Colorado Rockies

2016 Record: 75-87 • 3rd NL West

O/U on Wins: 79.5 • Under

Moving In: UT Ian Desmond • P Greg Holland • P Mike Dunn • UT Alexi Amarista

Moving Out: P Boone Logan • C Nick Hundley • P Jorge de la Rosa

Key Player(s) in 2017: P Jon Gray. The former 3rd overall pick in 2013 had an above average season in his first full year. The big right-hander made 29 starts and went 10-10/4.61/1.26/185/2.3 WAR in 161 innings, he even garnered some votes for Rookie of theYear; finishing 6th. If Gray could somehow manage to cut down on his amount of BB/9 (3.2), H/9( 8.8), and long balls (18 in 2016), he could make quite the statement this season. Now that’s easier said than done when you play half your games at Coors. With Chad Bettis cancer sadly returning, Gray could become the de facto ace of this upstart Rockies team. The fate of the Rockies post season goals could hinge on the progression of Gray and how he pitches this season.

Potential Breakout: P Jeff Hoffman. Acquired in deal for Troy Tulowitzki. Made MLB debut in 2016 and went winless in 6 starts. Managed a 4.88/1.72/22 in 31 innings. Will need to cut down on H/9 (10.6) and BB/9 (4.9) if he wants to stick in the Rockies rotation but with their need for pitching, he will get every opportunity too. The question will be how much of a leash will he have in regards to poor outings; not to mention a possible innings limit. The Rockies can ill afford Hoffman to struggle while trying to remain in contention for a playoff spot, but you don’t want to shatter his confidence by demoting him too soon. That being said, a breakout from Hoffman could help the Rockies achieve their goal of competing for a postseason spot.

Top Prospect: SS/2B Brendan Rogers • Age: 20 • MLB ETA: 2018

First Round Draft Miss: P Greg Reynolds (2nd) over 3B Evan Longoria in 2006

Fantasy Stud: 3B Nolan Arenado • 2016 Stats: .294/.932/41/133/6.5 WAR in 618 AB

Money’s Man Crush: 3B Nolan Arenado. (Arguably) the best 3B in baseball both at the dish and in the field. In the field, Arenado has played 4 seasons and won 4 straight Gold Gloves. Meanwhile at the plate he has had back to back 40+ HR/130+ RBI  and is a .285 hitter in 2152 career AB.

2017 Prediction: 4th NL West




Los Angeles Dodgers

2016 Record: 91-71 • 1st NL West

O/U on Wins: 91.5 • Over

Moving In: 2B Logan Forsythe

Moving Out: OF Josh Reddick • 2B Howie Kendrick • C Carlos Ruiz • P Joe Blanton • P Brett Anderson • P JP Howell • P Jesse Chavez • P Chase de Jong • P Jose de Leon

Key Player(s) in 2017: OF Yasiel Puig. Which version of Puig will show up for the Dodgers in 2016? Will it be the one who broke out in 2013 at a clip of .319/925/19/42 and finished 2nd in Rookie of the Year voting? Or will it be the one who limped through 2016 to a .263/.740/11/45 line and was demoted to AAA at one point? It’s no secret that the Dodgers actively shopped Puig over the offseason but found nothing worth moving him for. Puig is still young enough (26 at seasons end) and talented enough to easily turn around. Rumour has it that Puig isn’t the most mature of players and that could be (one of) the reasons for his poor play. If he is committed to baseball as he said he is upon his recall from AAA then there should be no questions about who will be the Dodgers everyday RF. His talent alone should keep him from sitting on the bench but his attitude and maturity might have other ideas.

Potential Breakout: P Julio Urias. The Dodgers top pitching prospect debuted in 2016 and appeared in 18 games, making 15 starts. In those starts Urias went 5-2/3.39/1.46/84 in 77 innings pitched. The 20 year old lefty easily has the stuff and confidence to start the year in the Dodgers rotation but a surplus of veteran starting pitchers could force him to start the season in the minors. If and when he does make it into the Dodgers starting rotation, Urias will most likely be subjected to some form of an innings limit. Even with some form of innings cap imposed, Urias’ impact could give the Dodgers the push they need to make an appearance in the World Series.

Top Prospect: 1B/OF Cody Bellinger • Age: 21 • MLB ETA: 2017

First Round Draft Miss: P Chris Reed (16) over P Sonny Gray (18) in 2011.

Fantasy Stud: P Clayton Kershaw • 2016 Stats: 12/1.69/.72/172/5.9 WAR in 149 IP

Money’s Man Crush: Clayton Kershaw based on stuff alone – that curveball. *sprays Febreeze.*

2017 Prediction: 1st NL West




San Diego Padres

2016 Record: 68-94 • 5th NL West

O/U on Wins: 64.5 • Over

Moving In: P Jered Weaver • P Jhoulys Chacin • P Clayton Richard • P Trevor Cahill •P Zach Lee

Moving Out: P Tyson Ross • C Derek Norris • OF Jon Jay • UT Alexi Amarista

Key Player(s) in 2017: P Luis Perdomo and OF Travis Jankowski. Both players enjoyed breakout seasons in 2016 and will need to prove that it wasn’t an anomaly or fluke. The play of Jankowski, a former supplemental first round pick (44th) in 2012, was one of the few bright spots in San Diego last season. Used predominantly as a lead off hitter for the Padres, Jankowski performed admirably, hitting .245/.646/2/12, swiping 30 bags and scoring 53 runs. He should get first crack at both the starting LF job and the lead-off position in 2017, and if he can replicate or improve his numbers from the season before, he’ll give the Padres lineup a homegrown table setter for their future.

Another bright spot for the Padres last year was rookie right-hander, Luis Perdomo. He begin the season in the bullpen but moved into the rotation during the season and made 20 starts. In those 20 starts, Perdomo went 9-10/5.71/1.59/105 in 146.2 innings. Although he is a ground ball inducing pitcher (GB% of 59%), Perdomo still struggled to miss hitters bats as he had a H/9 of 11.5. Perdomo won’t necessarily rack up the strikeouts (6.4 K/9) but he will need to find other ways of getting batters out in order to see his ERA and WHIP come down to more respectable levels.

Potential Breakout: OF Hunter Renfroe. The 13th overall pick in 2013 made a BIG first impression as a September call-up in 2016. Though he only appeared in 11 games, Renfroe absolutely tore the cover off the ball in that limited sample size. He went .371/1.189/4/14 and added 3 doubles in a meager 35 AB. Although its completely unrealistic to expect him to match those numbers over a 162 game season (.371/1.189/59/206), what would be realistic would to see him compete with the likes of Dansby Swanson for NL Rookie of the Year. The continuing emergence of Renfroe will give the Padres a trio of OF (Wil Myers, Renfroe and Jankowski) with an extremely high ceiling; and that’s not even factoring in Manny Margot.

Top Prospect: OF Manuel Margot • Age: 22 • MLB ETA: 2017

First Round Draft Miss: OF Donovan Tate (3rd) over P Zack Wheeler (6th) in 2009.

Fantasy Stud: OF Wil Myers  2016 Stats: .259/.797/28/94/3.2 WAR in 599 AB

Money’s Man Crush: The Padres have a few sexy throwbacks that they could use. Unfortunately they have dedcided to abandon their mustard yellow, Gaylrd Perry era jerseys for the upcoming season. Here’s hoping that they replace them with the (almost) equally as sexy, Robbie Alomar era, brown and orange jerseys.Oh, and Wil Myers isn’t too shabby of an option either.

2017 Prediction: 5th NL West




San Francisco Giants

2016 Record: 87-75 • 2nd NL West

O/U on Wins: 87.5 • Over

Moving In: P Mark Melancon • SS Jimmy Rollins • P David Hernandez

Moving Out: P Chris Heston • P Sergio Romo • P Jake Peavy • P Javier Lopez • OF Angel Pagan

Key Player(s) in 2017: P Mark Melancon. Once a staple of their championship runs, the Giants bullpen was woeful, with no clear cut closer to put out late inning fires. The Giants addressed that issue in the offseason by inking one pf the marquee free agents, P Mark Melancon, to a 4yr/$62 mil contract. Melancon has been one of the better closers in the National League since taking over the Pirates closer role in 2013. Splittingi time between the Pirates and the Nationals in 2016, the three time All Star went 2-2/1.64/.90/47 SV in 71.1 innings; he also finished a career high 67 games. Although there is little doubt that Melancon will prove to be worth the investment, the Giants front office decided to spend their budget by going after Melancon instead of a lesser name which would’ve allowed them to address their need for a LF. Any early stumbles or faltering by Melancon will likely bring out the naysayers and armchair GM’s who will be quick to point out the above.

Potential Breakout: OF Mac Williamson or OF Jarrett Parker. With the Giants allotting the majority of their offseason budget to bringing in Mark Melancon they failed to address a glaring hole in LF. To start the season, the Giants will most likely use a platoon of the right handed hitting, Mac Williamson and the left handed hitting, Jarrett Parker. Although neither is what you would call a “household name,” what they lack in name recognition they make up for in being a bargain for the cash strapped Giants. Williamson, a former 3rd round pick by the Giants in 2013, played in 54 games in 2016 and hit .223/.726/6/15 in 112 AB. Parker, on the other hand, is a former 2nd round pick by the Giants in 2010, and hit .267/.865/11/28 in 176 AB. Look for Parker to get the majority of playing time out of Spring Training as he is both a left handed hitter and has shown the better ability to hit for power, something the power starved Giants (3rd fewest HR in MLB in 2016) are hurting for

Top Prospect: P Tyler Beede • Age: 23 • MLB ETA: 2017

First Round Draft Miss: P Chris Stratton (20th) over P Marcus Stroman (22) in 2012

Fantasy Stud: C Buster Posey • 2016 Stats: .288/.796/14/80/4.7 WAR in 539 AB

Money’s Man Crush: Pitching battery of Maddy Bumgarner and Buster Posey. Both are (arguably) the best players at their respective position and as batterymates, no other team can match these two.

2017 Prediction: 2nd NL West

– $

2017 Season Preview – National League Central



Chicago Cubs

2016 Record: 103-58 • 1st NL Central

O/U on Wins: 95.5 • Over

Moving In: P Wade Davis • OF Jon Jay • P Koji Uehara • P Brian Duensing

Moving Out: OF Dexter Fowler • P Aroldis Chapman • P Jason Hammel • P Travis Wood • P Joe Smith • OF Jorge Soler • C David Ross • UT Chris Coghlan • P Travis Cahill

Key Player(s) in 2017: P Jake Arrieta. The 2015 Cy Young winner had another remarkable season in 2016. The Cubs ace went 18-8/3.10/1.08/190/4.2 WAR in 197 innings pitched. Despite those numbers, Arrieta did see an increase in his ERA (3.10 from 1.77 in 2015) and in BB/9 (3.5 from 1.9 in 2015); as well as setting a new career high in walks (76) and wild pitches (16). The emergence of Kyle Hendricks in 2016 helped ease the load off of Arrieta and should give the Cubs a dynamic 1-2 punch heading into 2017. With Arrieta’s contract up at seasons end and the possibility of him hitting the open market in 2018, the Cubs should be looking to negotiate an extension before that happens. Despite their loaded lineup and relatively deep farm system, their pitching depth is shockingly sparse and an injury or two in the rotation could be devastating. Personally, I cannot see the deep pockets of the Cubs ownership NOT opening up their wallets to sign Arrieta to an extension. And that’s said knowing that they have to re-sign Anthony Rizzo too.

Potential Breakout: OF Kyle Schwarber. The C/LF made his MLB debut in 2015 and got into 69 games before the season’s end. In those games, Schwarber hit .246/.842/16/43/1.2 WAR in 232 AB. He was expected to be an integral part to the Cubs heading into 2016 but only managed to get into 2 regular season contests before a collision in the OF left him with torn ligaments in his knee. Despite being sidelined for the next 169 games, Schwarber made it back into the Cubs lineup just in time for the World Series which was good news for the Cubs. In the World Series, Schwarber raked at a clip of .412/.972 and added 2 RBI as the Cubs DH and pinch hitter. Even though he was drafted as a catcher and has spent a considerable amount of time behind the dish during his (brief) professional career, Schwarber’s future might be exclusively as a full time LF; and that’s despite his questionable OF defense. Both his knee injury and the Cubs need(s), as well as having two legit starting C on their roster as it is, could keep him permanently entrenched in LF for the foreseeable future.

Top Prospect: OF Eloy Jimenez • Age: 20 • MLB ETA: 2019

First Round Draft Miss: 3B Josh Vitters (3rd) over C Matt Wieters (5th) in 2007.

Fantasy Stud: 3B Kris Bryant • 2016 Stats: .292/.939/39/102/7.7 WAR in 603 AB

Money’s Man Crush: Everything about Kris Bryant. His bat, his glove, his ability to play multiple positions, his smile, the way he looks like he will tell you “not to worry, everything will be alright.” Really stung to learn that the Blue Jays had drafted him out of high school in the 18th round of the 2010 MLB Draft but he refused to sign, choosing to honour his commitment to the University of San Diego.

2017 Prediction: 1st NL Central




Cincinnati Reds

2016 Record:68-94 • 5th NL Central

O/U on Wins: 73.5 • Under

Moving In: OF Desmond Jennings • P Scott Feldman • OF Arismandy Alcantara • 1B/3B Richie Shaffer • OF Gabriel Guerrero • P Tyrell Jenkins

Moving Out: P Alfredo Simon • P Ross Ohlendorff • P John Lamb

Key Player(s) in 2017: OF Billy Hamilton. Blistering speed, superb defense, and as of 2016, finally showing some patience at the plate. Everybody in baseball knows that Hamilton can run like the wind, unfortunately for both him and the Reds, his inability to get on base regularly all but made his speed a moot point. The old adage of “you can’t steal first base” definitely applied to Hamilton going into 2016 but 4th year CF proved us wrong. Hamilton had a solid year for the Reds, hitting for .260/.664/3/17 and 58 SB; his OBP of .321 was also a career high and the first time in his career that he had broken the.300 plateau. Hamilton needs to prove that he can maintain his newly found plate discipline and continue to get on base more regularly in order to remain part of the Reds rebuild. If he falters and goes back to his free swinging ways, he could easily find himself on the trade block.

Potential Breakout: 2B Jose Peraza. Appeared to be roadblocked behind Brandon Phillips and Zack Cosart but the trade of Phillips means that Peraza will open the season as the Reds starting 2B. Peraza played in only 72 games but made it count when he was in the lineup. Hit for .324/.762/3/25 and added 21 SB in 241 AB. Sample size OBP of .352 shows that he can be selective at the plate, but his K/BB ratio of 33/7 shows that he does have some free swinging in him. If he is able to keep that in check, Peraza could be one of the few bright spots in Cincinnati this season.

Top Prospect: 3B Nick Senzel • Age: 21 • MLB ETA: 2018

First Round Draft Miss: P Nick Travieso (14th) over P Lucas Giolito (16th) in 2012

Fantasy Stud: 1B Joey Votto • 2016 Stats: .326/.985/29/97/4.0 WAR in 556 AB

Money’s Man Crush: Joey Votto. The consummate professional and perennial recipient of the Tip O’Neil award (best Canadian ballplayer). Even though Votto is getting up their in age (33 at this season’s end) there have been no signs of seeing a slow down or regression. The only thing not to love is his contract, but I am sure that there would be no shortage of suitors if the Reds were to make him available.

2017 Prediction: 5th NL Central




Milwaukee Brewers

2016 Record: 73-89 • 4th NL Central

O/U on Wins: 72.5 • Over

Moving In: 1B Eric Thames • 1B/3B Travis Shaw • C Jett Bandy • P Tommy Milone • 2B Eric Sogard • IF Ivan de Jesus

Moving Out: P Tyler Thornburg • 1B Chris Carter • C Martin Maldanado • P Blaine Boyer

Key Player(s) in 2017: 1B Eric Thames. The former Blue Jays farmhand and Mariner took his trade to Korea once he stopped receiving interest from MLB teams. Luckily for Thames, a move to the KBO might have been the best thing to have happened to his career. In three seasons in Korea, Thames hit for an average stat line of .348/41/127 and even had a 40/40 season in 2015. Sure, playing in the KBO makes those numbers as inflated as Thames’ muscles (seriously though, dude is JACKED!) but that didn’t stop the Brewers from signing him to a 3yr/$16 mil deal to play 1B. The question will be which Thames do the Brewers get? Will it be the dude who straight uo mashed in the far East? Or will it be the guy who .250/.727/21/62 and was a minus WAR player in 633 MLB AB?

Potential Breakout: OF Keon Broxton. The 26yr old OF got into 75 games in 2016 and posted a respectable stat line of .242/.784/9/19/23 SB/2.1 WAR in 207 AB. Broxton was acquired from the Pirates in the 2015 offseason and is looking to establish himself as an everyday player with the Brew Crew in 2017. The (continuing) emergence of Broxton should give the Brewers a solid OF trio as he’ll team up with Domingo Santana and Ryan Braun, and if Braun does in fact get moved, he will be replaced by another young OF prospect in Lewis Brinson.

Top Prospect: OF Lewis Brinson • Age: 22 • MLB ETA: 2017

First Round Draft Miss: P Dylan Covey (14th) over anyone who would sign a contract in 2010.

Fantasy Stud: SS Jonathan Villar • 2016 Stats: .285/.826/19/63/3.9 WAR in 598 AB

Money’s Man Crush: 1980’s powder blue and yellow jersey’s with the MB glove logo. I’d rank the throwback Brewers logo as the best in the (current) MLB over the now defunct Expos.

2017 Prediction: 4th NL Central




Pittsburgh Pirates

2016 Record: 78-83 • 3rd NL Central

O/U on Wins: 85.5 • Over

Moving In: P Daniel Hudson

Moving Out: UT Sean Rodriguez • OF Matt Joyce • P Jeff Locke • P Nefateli Feliz • P Ryan Vogelsong

Key Player(s) in 2017: OF Andrew McCutchen. From 2011 to 2015 the man known simply as “Cutch” was a 5x All Star, 4x Silver Slugger winner, won an NL MVP, finished 3rd twice, 5th once and added one Gold Glove. His average stat line in those five seasons was: .302/.905/25/90/6.4 WAR in 572 AB. But in 2016 all that changed and for the first time in his career, Cutch was a minus WAR player. Injuries were not to blame as he played in 153 games but only put up a meager .256/.766/24/79 in 598 AB. McCutchen’s performance was so alarming that the Pirates actually fielded trade offers for him throughout the offseason. As if that wasn’t enough of a shock, the Pirates asked the former Gold Glove winner to shift from his usual position in CF to RF because of a poor defensive showing in 2016. Although the Pirates are saying the right things, it would be hard for them to justify re-signing him once his contract is up at the end of this season, especially if he has another down season. That being said he does have a team option for 2018 that could see him in Pittsburgh for a swan song or until he is surpassed by top prospect, Austin Meadows.

Potential Breakout: P Jameson Taillon. The former 2nd overall pick in 2010 finally made his MLB debut in 2016 and didn’t disappoint. Taillon made 18 starts in his rookie season and went 5-4/3.38/1.12/85/2.3 WAR in 104 innings. Throughout his career the only thing that has slowed down the hulking right hander has been issues with his durability. If those issues are behind him, Taillon should easily pair up with Gerrit Cole to give the Bucs a solid 1-2 punch atop their rotation. The Pirates will need all their arms to contribute if they have any hope with competing against the Cardinals, let alone the Cubs, for a potential playoff position.

Top Prospect: P Tyler Glasnow • Age:23  • MLB ETA: 2017

First Round Draft Miss: P Daniel Moskos (4th) over C Matt Wieters (5th) in 2007

Fantasy Stud: Starling Marte • 2016 Stats: .311/.818/9/46/47 SB/4.9 WAR in 489 AB

Money’s Man Crush: PNC Park. Hands down the most beautiful park in MLB; although im sure Giants fans will disagree. The whole experience of a weekend game in Pittsburgh is worth the pilgrimage to Pennsylvania. Best view is anywhere in the upper deck behind home or along the 3rd base line. That way you get an incredible vantage point of the Pittsburgh skyline and the Roberto Clemente Bridge; the game being pretty much takes a backseat to the view. The Pirates vintage 70’s and early 90’s throwbacks are pretty decent too.

2017 Prediction: 2nd NL Central




St. Louis Cardinals

2016 Record: 86-76 • 2nd NL Central

O/U on Wins: 87.5 • Under

Moving In: OF Dexter Fowler •P Brett Cecil

Moving Out: 1B/OF Matt Holliday • P Jaime Garcia • 1B/OF Brandon Moss • P Jordan Walden •P Seth Manness

Key Player(s) in 2017: Pitchers Michael Wacha and Trevor Rosenthal. Both players mentioned here are integral parts to any World Series aspirations that the Cardinals might have. They were both All Stars in 2015 and had complete production drop offs in 2016. If it wasn’t for Seung-hwan Oh’s terrific debut (6-3/1.92/.92/103/19 SV in 79.2 innings) the Cardinals would be looking at a closer by committee. That’s because their usual everyday closer (Rosenthal) looked completely lost in 2015. Rosenthal went 2-4/4.46/1.91/56:29 K:BB/14 SV in 40 innings. The biggest reason for his struggles was his lack of control, as Rosenthal set new career highs in BB/9 (6.5) and H/9 (10.7). He will need to regain both his control and his confidence if he hopes to be a key part of the Cardinals bullpen; let alone try to win his closer’s job back. Wacha on the other hand went from 17-7/3.38/1.21/153/3 WAR in 181.1 innings to 7-7/5.09/1.48/114/-0.4 WAR in 138 innings. One reason for his struggles could be attributed to a nagging shoulder injury that has bothered him throughout his career and flared up during 2016. The Cardinals will need Wacha to stay healthy and pitch like he can as their pitching depth is already set to be tested with young, flamethrower, Alex Reyes, out for the season with Tommy John.

Potential Breakout: P Luke Weaver. Originally this spot was going to center on another Cardinals pitching prospect, Alex Reyes. Unfortunately for both Reyes and the Cardinals, Reyes suffered a torn UCL early in spring training and has undergone Tommy John surgery. This is where Weaver enters the picture. In theory, he could fill the tole that was suppose to be Reyes’ and either compete for a spot in the rotation, be a swing man out of the pen or be the first call up from AAA if needed. It’s not like Weaver has come out of nowhere either. He’s a former first round pick (27th in 2014) and enters the season as the Cardinals number two prospect behind only Alex Reyes. Although he may not make the opening day roster, I’d say there is a solid chance that he’ll be up with rhe Cardinals before the all star break.

Top Prospect: P Alex Reyes • Age: 22 • MLB ETA: 2018

First Round Draft Miss: P Chris Lambert (18th) over P Glen Perkins (22) P Phil Hughes (23) in 2004

Fantasy Stud: P Carlos Martinez • 2016 Stats: 16/3.04/1.22/174/5.9 WAR in 196 IP

Money’s Man Crush: The St. Louis organization. Pound for pound the most well ran farm system and team in the game. Well besides the occasional “rogue”scout.

2017 Prediction: 3rd NL Central

– $

2017 MLB Season Preview – National League East



Atlanta Braves

2016 Record: 68-93 • 5th NL East

O/U on Wins: 71.5 • Over

Moving In: P Bartolo Colon • P R.A Dickey • UT Sean Rodriguez • 2B Brandon Phillips • P Jaime Garcia • C Tuffy Gosewich

Moving Out: C AJ Pierzynski

Key Player(s) in 2017: OF Ender Inciarte. Acquired in the heist of Dansby Swanson. Hit .291/.732/3/29/16 SB/3.8 WAR in 522 AB in 2016 and was rewarded by the Braves with a 5yr/$30.5 mil contract in the offseason. Despite only entering his 4th MLB season, the rebuilding Braves will look to Inciarte to be a bridge between their veteran players and their influx of youthful talent. Could also be a contender for breakout candidate.

Potential Breakout: SS Dansby Swanson. A full year of LT. Dans will be a treat for not only Braves fans but for all baseball fans. Definition of what scouts refer to as the “good face.” Starting SS on both the Braves, as well as the Kris Bryant All Stars (Overly Handsome MLB’ers). Swanson made his debut in August and put the rest of the baseball world on notice. In just 122 AB, he hit .302/.803/3/17 and added 3 steals. Although the expectations might be through the roof, the Braves will need to be patient with their stud SS if he does stumble out of the gate. Swanson isn’t going to hit for a high power numbers but his quick hands and bat speed should result in a relatively high average (.270-.290) and produce somewhere in the neighbourhood of 15 HR on an annual basis.

Top Prospect: Ozzie Albies • Age: 2B/SS • MLB ETA: 2017

First Round Draft Miss: P Sean Gilmartin (28) over 2B Joe Panik (29) in 2011

Fantasy Stud: 1B Freddie Freeman • 2016 Stats: .302/.968/34/91/6.5 WAR in 589 AB

Money’s Man Crush: Dansby Swanson #swoon. Definite contender to wrestle the title of “Most Handsome Player in Baseball,” away from the likes of Kris Bryant and Kevin Kiermaier.

2017 Prediction: 3rd NL East




Miami Marlins

2016 Record: 79-82 • 3rd NL East

O/U on Wins: 77.5 • Under

Moving In: P Edison Volquez • P Brad Ziegler • P Junichi Tazawa • P Jeff Locke • C AJ Ellis • P Javy Guerra • P Dan Straily

Moving Out: P Mike Dunn • P Andrew Cashner • P Fernando Rodney • C Jeff Mathis • IF Chris Johnson • OF Jeff Francoeur

Key Player(s) in 2017: OF Giancarlo Stanton. Putting Gio here seems to be a no brain decision. The dude is a perennial All Star with 40 HR power who ever garners MVP votes. That being said, the main reason he is here is because we, and the fish, are expecting a big bounce back season from the man formerly known as Mike. Although not known to hit for a high average, his .240 season in 2016 was the lowest of his career. Although his drop-off could be attributed to battling through injuries and not playing at 100%. His 27 HR/74 RBI through 413 AB barely topped his output from 2015 when he managed 279 AB. With the Marlins hoping to compete with the likes of the Nationals, Mets and even the upstart Braves, Stanton will be counted on to regain his form and help lead the Marlins in the search of October baseball.

Potential Breakout: P Adam Conley. Conley had a respectable season in his first full year as a pro. Made 25 starts, went 8-6/3.85/1.40/124 in 133 innings. On the negative side, he did also surrender 8.4 H/9 and 4.2 BB/9. Conley will have to work on improving both his command and location in order to correct those numbers and take the next step. With the loss of Jose Fernandez in a boating accident last September, the Marlins suffered an irreplaceable loss both on the field and in the clubhouse. While no one is expecting Conley to fill that void, a solid year from the 3rd year pro could help ease that loss and enhance the Marlins chances for baseball in October.

Top Prospect:  P Braxton Garrett • Age: 19 • MLB ETA: 2019

First Round Draft Miss: P Chad James (18th) over Shelby Miller (19) in 2009

Fantasy Stud: OF Christian Yelich  • 2016 Stats: .298/.859/21/98/5.3 WAR in 578 AB

Money’s Man Crush: As much as I love Gio and Yelich, the late Jose Fernandez was my boy. It still doesn’t seem real that he’s gone. The kid had absolutely electric stuff to go with an equally electric smile and personality. The bsseball world lost a true gem way too soon. RIP.

2017 Prediction: 4th NL East


MLB: World Series-Kansas City Royals at New York Mets


New York Mets

2016 Record: 87-75 •2nd NL East

O/U on Wins: 89.5 • Under

Moving In: 

Moving Out: P Bartolo Colon

Key Player(s) in 2017: P Matt Harvey. The man they call the Dark Knight broke out in 2013 with an All Star appearance and 4th place in the NL Cy Young race. However he missed all of 2014 with Tommy John surgery, but returned in 2015 to help lead the Mets to the NL pennent. In 2016, the Dark Knight struggled in before being shut down with surgery to repair Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Before being shutdown, Harvey had limped through 17 starts to a 4-10/4.86/1.49/76 in 92.2 innings. One has to believe that his injury was partially, if not completely, responsible for his lackluster campaign. The Mets will need Harvey to return to his 2015 version if they intend on besting the Nationals for top spot in the NL East. Besides that, a return to form for Harvey would cement the Mets as having the best rotation in baseball.

Potential Breakout: OF Michael Conforto. Begin the 2016 season with a strong debut but hit a wall and was sent back to the minors. The demotion was more of a move to allow him to continue to play everyday and not sit on the bench at the MLB level. Before being sent down, Conforto had hit .220/.725/12/42/.4 WAR in 304 AB. I know that those stats don’t necessarily jump out at you but they do give an indication that he can perform at the big league level. Despite the fact that the Mets were unable to move either one of Curtis Granderson and Jay Bruce during the offseason, Conforto could easily play himself into a starting role with a strong showing in spring.

Top Prospect: SS Amed Rosario • Age: 21 • MLB ETA: 2017

First Round Draft Miss: P Eddie Kunz (42nd) over 3B Josh Donaldson (48) in 2007

Fantasy Stud: OF Yoenis Cespedes • 2016 Stats: .280/.884/31/86/2.9 WAR in 479 AB

Money’s Man Crush: That startinf rotarion though. Harvey, Syndergaard, deGrom, Matz, and Wheeler. Barring injuries, 2017 could be the first time that the Mets unleash an intact rotation upon the baseball world.

2017 Prediction: 2nd NL East





Philadelphia Phillies

2016 Record: 71-91  • 4th NL East

O/U on Wins: 72.5 • Over

Moving In: OF Michael Saunders • 2B Howie Kendrick • P Joaquin Benoit • P Clay Buchholz • C Ryan Hanigan • P Pat Neshek • OF Andres Blanco • OF Daniel Nava

Moving Out: P Charlie Morton • 1B/OF Darin Ruf • P Matt Harrison • 1B Ryan Howard • C AJ Ellis • OF Peter Bourjos • OF Cody Asche • P David Hernandez

Key Player(s) in 2017: 3B Maikel Franco. The 24 year old Franco had a respectable first full season in the MLB during the 2016 season. In 581 AB, Franco slashed a line of .255/.733/25/88 and had a WAR of 1.2. The Phillies are in the middle of a full rebuild and, despite being 24, Franco will be viewed as a leader. The Phillies 3B could take a big step dorward in his development if he would take a bit better of an approach at the plate and not necessarily swing for the fences every AB. The Phillies shouldn’t be in a position to make much noise this season but a big season from Franco could result in him being the Phillies representative at the All Star Game.

Potential Breakout: P Vince Velasquez. The centerpiece of the trade that sent closer Ken Giles to Houston, Velasquez made 24 starts in his first full MLB season. In 131 innings, Velasquez went 8-6/4.12/1.33/152 and had a WAR of 1.7. The highlight of Velasquez’s season was his 16 strikeout performance at home against the Padres. Velasquez has the mentality and stuff to become a future ace for the Phillies but he will need to work on his secondary offerings in order to become a more complete pitcher. It is no secret that Velasquez can throw his fastball through a door but his secondary pitches do leave something to desire. It could be the reason that he has had such a hard time getting out of the 6th inning. That would be the 3rd time through the lineup and teams would have had a good look at his stuff. Most talk around Velazquez this spring has been about him working on his curveball. Another bonus could be the reported mentor/protege relationship that appears to be budding between him and the newly acquired, Clay Buchholz. If Velasquez wants to work on his curve, there are few beter teachers out there than Clay and his uncle Charlie.

Top Prospect: SS JP Crawford • Age: 22 • MLB ETA: 2017

First Round Draft Miss: P Joe Savery (19th) over P Rick Porcello (27th) in 2007

Fantasy Stud: 3B Maikel Franco • 2016 Stats: .255/.733/25/88/1.2 WAR in 581 AB

Money’s Man Crush: Young starting trio of Nola, Velasquez and Eichoff. While the Phillies do have some young, exciting positional players coming up the prospect pipeline (SS JP Crawford, OF Mickey Moniak, C Jorge Alfaro), it will be the development and progress of these three arms that dictates how soon the Phillies move from rebuild to postseason goals.

2017 Prediction: 5th NL East


MLB: Detroit Tigers at Washington Nationals


Washington Nationals

2016 Record: 95-67 • 1st NL East

O/U on Wins: 90.5 • Over

Moving In: OF Adam Eaton • C Derek Norris • C Matt Wieters • 1B Adam Lind • P Joe Blanton

Moving Out: P Mark Melancon • C Wilson Ramos • 2B Danny Espinosa • OF Ben Revere • IF Stephen Drew • P Mark Rzepcynski • P Lucas Giolito • P Reynaldo Lopez

Key Player(s) in 2017: OF Bryce Harper. This is a no brainer. Not only is Harper (Arguably) the best player on the team and biggest offensive threat, but he also has something to prove this year. Harper went from MVP in 2015 to a barely positive WAR player in 2016. In his MVP year, Harper put up an ungodly stat line of .330/1.109/42/99 and was a 9.9 WAR. Last season, he went .243/.814/24/86 with a 1.6 WAR. The only real positive was that he managed to set a new career high with 21 SB. Even though the Nats still managed to win the NL East and make it into the playoffs despite Harper’s woes, they will need him to play like his MVP self if they stand a legitimate chance of making it to the World Series. Harper, who is set to be a free agent in 2018, will also want to rebound to ensure he gets his $500 mil contract. (throws up)

Potential Breakout: SS/CF Trea Turner. The SS turned CF was nothing short of spectacular after his call up post All Star Break in 2016. Turner played in 73 games and produced a stat line of .342/.937/13/40/33 SB/3.5 WAR in only 307 AB. What makes it more impressive is that he did so while playing CF for the first time in his career. Turner should be one of the brighter spots on a Nationals team that is teeming with talent. With the arrival of Adam Eaton and a vacancy at SS, Turner should slide back into his natural position with relatively no issues. If everything aligns and he picks up where he left off, Dr. Trea or All Day Trea, as he is known in these parts, should be one of the bigger breakouts of 2017.

Top Prospect: OF Victor Robles • Age: 19 • MLB ETA: 2018

First Round Draft Miss: OF Chris Marrero (15th) over P Ian Kennedy (21st) in 2006.

Fantasy Stud: P Max Scherzer • 2016 Stats: 20/2.96/.97/284/6.3 WAR in 229 IP

Money’s Man Crush: All day Trea. An easy candidate for 20/20 seasons for the foreseeable future. Plays an above average to good CF despite not being an OF but his true worth to the Nats is as a starting SS.

2017 Prediction: 1st NL East

– $