The Art of Bat Flipping and Hit Pimping: Korean Swag


Earlier in the week LA Dodgers OF phenom Yasiel Puig visited the MLB Fan Cave and gave the hosts of “Off the Bat” a lesson on the finer points of bat flipping and hit pimping.

That being said, earlier today a friend of mine posted this video on facebook:

It appears that Yasiel Puig and Wil Myers a’int got shit on these Korean bat flip pimps. On a side note, is there anything more hilarious than an a batter crushing a deep fly ball, flipping the bat, getting his pimp on, only for the ball to be a routine flyout?

All modern day bat flip pimps however have a LONG way to go before they can take the crown from the all time bat pimp king; Mr. Ricky Henderson.

After all, he is the self proclaimed G.O.A.T


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