The Incessant Whining of J.P Arencibia

Baltimore Orioles v Toronto Blue Jays

It appears that former Blue Jays C JP Arencibia is still at odds with the Toronto media.

According to an article on, Arencibia told the Toronto Star that the media “made him out to be a villain” and that the media should have focused more on the Blue Jays need for starting pitching over their apparent need for a catcher. According to Arencibia, it was this alleged targeting that partially led to his release by the team.

As “harsh” as the media was on JP, he should own up to his own pitiful performance and stop blaming everyone but himself for his piss poor 2013 season. Perhaps it was his finger pointing that had him on a one way ticket out of T.O. Well that or his abysmal .194 batting average and historically bad .227 on base % – 4th worst since 1901.

It’s hard to feel bad for a guy who can’t take criticism and blames everyone else for his own poor performance. J.P should worry more about his own performance this season instead of dredging up old controversies. Especially with the potential of him being DFA’d when Geovany Soto returns. Don’t worry though J.P, there will always be a spot for an all or nothing HR hitter in Japan or Korea.

Link to the story:


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