Jackie Robinson Stealing Home – Game 1 1955 World Series

Most fans of the game have seen this clip, or the famous picture of Jackie Robinson barrelling down on home as Yogi Berra blocks the path. The play was in the 1st game of the 1955 World Series, a series that the Brooklyn Bums would win. Robinson was called safe, although it looks that he slides into Berra’s glove. Berra upon hearing the call, immediately blows up on Umpire Bill Summers. Berra’s argument was that Summers vision was blocked by Berra and therefore didn’t get the best of looks. Berra would claim that his glove had tagged the top of Robinson’s sliding foot. The call and run wouldn’t matter in the long run as the Yankees would take Game 1 6-5. Robinson, self described as “old, fat and gray,” was 36 and in the twilight of his storied career. The 1955 season had been his worst as a pro – .256 8HR 36RBI 12 SB – and he was running on fumes entering the World Series. The Dodgers win in 1955 would be the only time that Robinson’s team had been on the winning side in 6 attempts. – $



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