Who’s on First?

Now that the RA Dickey trade is official with the knuckleballer inking a 2 year extension, the Jays lineup and rotation is really rounding into shape. The only 2 questions that still remain in my books are:

Who is our everyday 1B? and

Who is our everyday 2B?

Last season we saw E5 move across the diamond to man the not so hot corner and he did admirably to say the least. E5 started 66 games at 1B in which he had 637 defensive chances (putouts + assists + errors) and had a .995 field percentage. Adam Lind started 57 games, had 587 defensive chances and also had a .991 field percentage. Now there is no secret that Edwin isn’t a true 1B, he lacks the ideal height and his footwork leaves a lot to desire. Lind on the other hand is cast from the ideal 1B mould; 6’4, lefthanded, and fluent footwork around the bag. But that’s where Lind stops holding something over E5. Edwin’s bat alone ensures that his name is on the lineup card every game, so much so that they even played him in LF. Edwin really looks like a prototypical DH in the AL, who could see some playing time around the field (1B, 3B, LF) if need be. Lind unfortunately has played his way out of an everyday role, and maybe out of TO… in my opinion. Let’s forget about his ridonkulous 2009 season (fluke of flukes) entirely and look at what he’s done the past 3 seasons since:
2012: 321 AB – 11 HR – 45 RBI – .255 AVG – .729 OPS

2011: 499 AB – 26 HR – 87 RBI – .251 AVG – .734 OPS

2010: 569 AB – 23 HR – 72 RBI – .237 AVG – .712 OPS

Okay.. so Lind can hit the longball fairly well and can put up RBI’s when put into a positon… but the dude DOES not get on base! Lind cannot hit for average any more and he surely can’t draw walks, not topping 40 walks once in those 4 years. We already have JP as our black hole of OBP, we can’t have 2 of them. 

So what do we do.

Free agency is an option yet the field for one bags is pretty sparse. Adam LaRoche and Lance Berkman are clearly the best of the lot but to sign one of them is gonna cost ya. LaRoche has been offered 2years @ 25 million by the Nats, Berkman hasn’t really had any huge offers and in fact has even mentioned retirement… but who knows. After the 2 of them, pickings be slim. Enter the Aubrey Huffs, Carlos Penas, James Loneys and Casey Kotchmans of the world. *shudders* I cant see AA spending fat cash on LaRoche, but Berkman would be an interesting option if the money is right. Plus it would give us a decent option @ 1B and give us a left handed bat via the switch. Personally I dont see any of this happening… but hey… I always foresaw JP playing 1B with at d’Arnaud C.

The option I like and wouldn’t mind seeing is giving David Cooper a shot. I mean the kid raked in the PCL (yes I know all about the inflated offensive stats in Vegas) and can he really be worse then Lind offensively? I really wish he was a little taller though… and he’s a lefthanded bat. I’m not saying cement him as the opening day starter, but allow the kid to get a good shot out of spring training. Maybe having someone sniffing around his job may light a fire under Lind’s ass.

Either way its a good bad position to be in. Even if we swap Lind, E5 and Cooper between 1B and DH we should be alright with the makeup of our lineup.

– $

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